What is Mixed Reality?

What is the Mandela Effect?

Have you ever misremembered any event or misquoted something you were sure about but later came to know that the event never occurred in the past or the quote…

What are cookies?

Cookies are simply the text files created by the developers of a particular website, which are stored in the user’s computer for storing the…

There are quite a lot of tricks, making one’s Internet surfing effortless. These all handy tips for chrome(one or two for google itself) would let you a smooth browsing experience! So, without any tick away, let’s have a look at them:

1. Chrome Flags -

History Of Bitcoin

The history of Bitcoin is amongst the most mysterious theories in the world. After 11 years of its establishment, the name of the founder/organization of Bitcoin is still unknown.

There were a lot of discussions about the founder/organization in the past, but still, it has a question…

Prakshal Jain

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